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Norway Cloth Collection

V A R P & V E F T is a maker of fine cloth and items, committed to creating superior 'black sheep' value

From shearing to hand grading, spinning and finally weaving & finishing, every element of our Norway Cloth™ Grey Trønder wool collection is produced locally and from start to finish take many months

We believe in the importance of preserving local manufacturing know-how as well as the lovely, yet longtime neglected, pigmented wool of old breeds of sheep. This is why we source handpicked raw wool from dedicated farmers and process this natural resource into high quality fabrics and finished items such as cushions.

The company was established in 2013 with private and government funding. Our Norway Cloth™ Grey Trønder sheep line was launched at the curated 100% Norway exhibition at London Design Festival 2015. VARP & VEFT remains a small family-owned business run by economist and designermaker Carina Sandsmark Øvestad with the help and inspiration of her two sons and husband ♥ 

VARP & VEFT (warp and weft) refer to the two sets of thread that are interwoven to make cloth.


Specially selected high-quality wool from the endangered and indigenous breed Grey Trønder Sheep is made into textiles that are delicate yet rich in texture and details, with qualities for curtains and light home decor. The wool is custom spun into a fine one ply yarn (single stranded) with just the perfect twist to ensure light textiles with great drapability.  

A sustainable product based on the natural colour of the sheep, with no chemicals, bleach or dyestuff added. Designed and manufactured in Norway. 

100% virgin wool, jacquard weave 

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