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Design inspiration

The Grey Trønder Sheep collection is developed with inspiration from the Norwegian coastal scenery and the particular setting of the Jæren coast. While breathtakingly beautiful with its long sandy beaches and an endless horizon where the ocean meets the sky, this lowland area provides little protection against the elements. In the mid-19th century several lighthouses were built along the coast. Amongst these is Obrestad Lighthouse, which is the location of our photoshoot.

Jon Å. Pettersen is an established Norwegian textile designer with a unique combination of artistic and technical skills. He has served clients such as Norwegian Prime Minister Residency and Oslo City Town Hall. In 2012 he was involved in the reproduction of textiles for the UN Security Council Hall, commissioned by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2007 he received the Award for Design Excellence from the Norwegian Design Council. He is part of the collection at The Museum of Applied Art in Bergen and the Art Museum of Northern Norway. As an expert on weaving he holds a position as associate professor at Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

In the development of Norway Cloth - Grey Trønder Sheep Pettersen has achieved combinations of yarn, weaving techniques and patterns leading to a delicate expression aligned with function and context.

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