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NORWEGIAN WOOL & LOCAL CRAFTSMANSHIP - From fibre to finished item

VARP & VEFT is a modern Norwegian wool company shaped by fine materials, masterly craftsmanship and lasting design. We source handpicked raw wool from local farmers and strive to create sustainable value.

The company was established in 2013 with private and government funding. Our Norway Cloth™ line was launched at the 100% Norway exhibition during London Design Festival 2015.


The making spans a time period of several months, encompassing every stage from a special hand sorting of the raw wool to textile design and the weaving of cloth. 

Our mission is to create value from high-quality wool that has long been neglected due to its non-uniform and labour-intensive character.

Local manufacturing

Norway Cloth™ is manufactured at traditional woollen mills situated on the west coast of Norway. Collections are developed in collaboration with selected designers, wool specialists and production technicians.

Sampling and sales

Our goal is always to find combinations of yarn, composition and motif that will bring out the qualities of the wool and provide the right design expression and function. We are happy to discuss customization and can special order and out-of-stock items.

We also take part in national projects and collaborations with the aim of enhancing the knowledge and use of Norwegian wool. Closest to our heart are the old breeds with the fine, pigmented wool fiber. 

Our collections are exhibited at selected design shows in London, Oslo and Copenhagen by Varp & Veft, our UK distributor Studiotex Ltd and the sustainable Fabric Source of Danish Fashion Institute.